The goal of Celebration Foot and Ankle Institute, and Dr. Duane McRorie is to provide exceptional foot & ankle care to his patients and to ensure that the doctors and staff place the utmost attention on patient care and to implement care options tailored to each individual patient. Our practice will work together with the patient to realize a shared vision of uncompromising excellence in podiatric care.

To fulfill this mission, we are committed to:

Your feet are the foundation of your body.

When you are experiencing problems with or pain in your feet, it affects your well being. These problems can make it difficult to manage all aspects of your life in a healthy and productive way and seeing a podiatrist can be the right answer. Dr. McRorie understands this and makes your foot and ankle issue a priority in getting you back on your feet. Celebration Foot and Ankle Institute is here to help you build a strong and healthy foundation by addressing any podiatric issues that may have.

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